Deanna Wadsworth’s Naughty North Pole Blog Hop – Day 21

Countdown to Christmas with Pip

21 days and counting

Hey everybody! How are you out there in the world? I’m so excited Jorge asked me to help with his blog blitz, and I’m even more excited to be on Hank Edward’s blog. But before I go fan-girl on Hank, my name is Pip. You may  DW_Pips boxing day wish_MDremember me from Deanna Wadsworth’s holiday series, THE NAUGHTY NORTH POLE. I first appeared in MS. CLAUS’S LIST, then I got my happily ever after in PIP’S BOXING DAY WISH.

Since then I feel like I’m living in a dream! I don’t wanna be one of those elves who wax on about their boyfriends all the time, but Erik is ah-may-zing!! Make sure you mark your calendars for Dec. 11th. There will be an exclusive FREE SHORT STORY on Daily Dose of Decadence featuring me and Erik. It’s going to be a Christmas Eve my lover will never forget. I’m excited about my surprise I planned for him. He’s always spoiling me, and I want to return the favor. He took me on a shopping spree last Christmas and we even got our picture taken with a mall Santa in A GIFT FOR SANTA. That was so fun! Most recently Erik bought me a new Kindle Fire, for no reason at all other than he loves me. Isn’t that awesome?! The first thing I did was download Hank’s Fluffers, Inc. I have to say, that sex-crazed Charlie sounds like he could be a Nordic Elf—even if he’s not lucky enough to have candy flavored cum!

Any who, George wanted me to talk a little bit about what’s going on at the North Pole, not talk about Erik the whole time. I just can’t help it though, he’s so hot!! But I do have some good news to share. I finally got that promotion to supervising shift manager in the Electronics Department. My nemesis Jimmy was not pleased. Ha! Too bad, so sad. I guess he should’ve developed the perfect dating app instead of always kissing up to the boss. I like to let my hard work do the talking for me, not my mouth.

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve developed a dating app called Elf4Elf, or E4E for short. It is really easy to use. Once you create a profile, you choose a girl/girl, boy/boy, or a mixed chat room and start meeting new elves that you have things in common with. I am happy to report 25 committed couples have come out of E4E. Some blabber mouths have deemed it a hook-up app, but that is not the purpose. It’s not another Grindr! E4E is designed for elves to find true love, just like I did with Erik.

In fact, one of those elves calling E4E a hook-up app is about to eat his words.

I’m talking about Lars, that cocky but sexy elf with the peanut-butter flavored cum from the previous  NAUGHTY Medium RudolphNORTH POLE books.

Even though I slept with Lars, I’ve always thought he was a jerk. He has this whole “I don’t fuck elves twice” motto and he struts around the Workshop like he’s a gift from the gods. Don’t tell Erik I said this, but Lars does have the goods to back up his cock-sure attitude. But then I read his story in FUN & GAMES WITH RUDOLPH and I realized he isn’t as tough as he pretends to be. And I’m happy to say, he gets his happy ending via Elf4Elf.

Told you it was a matchmaking app, not just a place to find a hook-up!

Well that’s all the time I have to chat. Thank-you, Hank, for hosting me!

I hope everyone has a Merry, merry Christmas!

If you enjoy the Countdown to Christmas blog series, catch a list of all the dates HERE. This Friday there will be a new post by none other than the star of FUN & GAMES WITH RUDOLPH, Lars at Kayla Jameth’s blog. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say. Wonder if he’ll give E4E any props?

Before you leave, make sure you enter to win the first three NAUGHTY NORTH POLE books and a $20 Amazon gift card in the entry box below.

Then check out an exclusive excerpt from FUN & GAMES WITH RUDOLPH just for Hank’s readers.


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 Naughty North Pole Book Four

 By Deanna Wadsworth


Lars is the sarcastic elf who runs Santa’s Mail Department and he follows the dating rule of “no repeats”. But lately he’s been having a romantic textlationship with another elf, via the dating app Elf4Elf. When his cyber boyfriend goes AWOL after a misunderstanding, Lars realizes too late that there is more to life than sex, work, and cookies.

On Christmas Eve, Santa asks Lars to personally deliver a gift to Rudolph—a former reindeer handler who left the North Pole because of a misunderstanding. Rudolph lives on the secluded Sugar Plum Ridge and the only way to get there is by sleigh. Lars just can’t get a break!

When a sudden blizzard forces the two elves to hole up in Rudolph’s cabin, will they find a way to make their own fun and games or will one surprise ruin it all?

One thing is certain: after this night, they both will believe in the magic of the Naughty North Pole!



 “I can’t wait for Christmas Eve,” Jorge said. “I’ve been talking to three guys on Elf4Elf. We’re all gonna hook up at the party.”

“Awesome,” I said. “Everybody loves a four-way.”

There were a half-dozen guys currently in the room and even a few girls I had experienced some sort of ménage with. Come to think of it, there weren’t too many around the North Pole I hadn’t fucked. I’d missed out on the big guy, Santa Claus, because he had to go and shack up with Jack Frost. But I had spent a memorable night with his twin sister, the one everyone mistook for his wife, Lady Frieda Claus.

That had been a night to remember.

Jorge scrolled through his phone. “This app Pip developed makes hooking up so easy.”

“Better not let Peppermint Boy hear you call it that.” I tipped my head toward the little blond sitting across the room with a Ljósálfr girl, giggling over their phones. Pip was a Light Elf who’d come to the North Pole via Santa’s Little Helpers Work Release Program, and a perfect example of how the system really did help elves with a second chance at a better life. He was a nice kid, but a tad on the hopeless-romantic side.

“Why?” Jorge asked.

E4E is not a hook-up app,” I said in a singsong voice, mimicking little peppermint Pip. “It’s a dating app to help elves find true love.”

After we made the appropriate gagging sounds and finger-down-the-throat gestures, Jorge laughed. “More like find a quick BJ. This elf from Álfheimr was delivering some supplies for the Sports Division last week, and he fucked the hell outta me in the broom closet. I didn’t even catch his name.”

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