Carnal Cruise Excerpt

Ten minutes before noon Charlie stepped into the familiar outer office of Fluffers, Inc. and smiled at Bernice where she sat behind the front desk.

“Well, there’s our very own Mark Spitz!” Bernice said with a wink. “And how are you, young man? Did you finally dry out from your dip the pool last night?”

Charlie grinned. “Yeah. And I’m much better than last night, thank you.”

Bernice raised her eyebrows. “Really? Well, well, well. Anything to do with the man who took you home? That Rock Harding is just so handsome. And he seems to be such a nice boy.” Bernice sighed and looked off
into the distance over Charlie’s shoulder. “Nice boys don’t come along all that often, Charlie.”

“Well,” Charlie said. “That one didn’t come at all last night. At least not with me.”

“Oh,” Bernice replied. “I’m sorry. It just looked like he was so comfortable with you and concerned when you took that tumble into the pool. I just assumed, you know.”

“Yeah, you and me both, Bernice.”

“Hey, there you are,” Ken Carlton said, walking up from the waiting area. “Have a good night?”

Charlie smirked and shrugged as Kinitia appeared in the doorway to her office down the hall. “Oh, good, Charlie’s here. Ken, get Billy from the waiting room and come into my office everyone. You too, Bernice. I’ve got some big news.”

Charlie and Bernice exchanged a puzzled look but followed Kinitia into the office where Billy Ransom and Ken soon joined them. After closing the door behind him, Ken leaned against it and they all directed their attention to where Kinitia sat perched on the edge of her desk.

“I’ve just gotten off the phone with Gregory Gianelli,” Kinitia started.

“He’s not asking you to pay to have his pool cleaned, is he?” Billy said and reached out to playfully punch Charlie in the arm.

“No, this is much better.” Kinitia took a breath and smiled at them. “I have just been informed that a large bid I had turned in to Bruised Knees productions has been accepted.”

“Bid? For what?” Charlie asked.

“To provide six fluffers and two assistants for their next three movies which are being filmed simultaneously.” Kinitia paused for effect. “On a cruise ship!”

Everyone gaped at her.

“A cruise ship?” Ken asked with a smile. “They’re filming a gay porn movie on a cruise ship?”

“Not just one,” Kinitia corrected him. “Three. And they have rented out the entire ship. Apparently there’s a cruise line called Carnal Cruises which rent out cruise ships to porn studios and sponsor gay sex cruises.”

“Oh my God,” Charlie said with a grin. “So we’re all going?”

“Me too?” Bernice said as she clapped her hands.

“You too, Bernice. You and I will share a cabin and we’ll break up the fluffers accordingly. Now, it’s an all male cast, so we’ll need you three and three others.”

“How about the new kid, Trevor?” Billy asked. “He’s been doing pretty well.”

“I’ll bet,” Ken said with a smirk and caught Billy blushing. “We can get the others with no problem I’m sure. Wow, a cruise ship full of porn stars. Imagine the possibilities. Hey, how long will we be gone?”

“Two weeks,” Kinitia said. “And we’ll be cruising along the coast of Mexico, down to Acapulco and back up to Los Angeles.”

“This is great!” Charlie exclaimed and jumped up to hug her. “Thanks so much.”

“You’re welcome, Farm Boy. Just remember to hold back and not make them come, okay? This is an important job for us. If we can prove we’re the best fluffers in the city our future will be set.”

“Didn’t you say the same thing about Charlie winning the Hummer?” Billy asked.

Kinitia gave him a dirty look and sent them all off to their respective jobs, telling them she would messenger their tickets to them and they would need to be at the docks in two days with enough clothes to last two weeks.

Charlie couldn’t help smiling as he waited for his bus. What an amazing turn of events. First, he had been humiliated at a party, pretty much snubbed by Rock afterwards, but then got the screwing of his life that morning and was now about to embark on a cruise for two weeks. How could anything possibly go wrong?

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