Breathless Press Scavenger Hunt Birthday Blog Hop

Welcome readers to the Breathless Press Scavenger Hunt Birthday Blog Hop!

We have nineteen blogs participating, and each author is giving away a prize, books, swag…you name it! Here on my blog, one lucky winner will receive a copy of my self-published novel Bounty, a vampire and zombie mash up set in the Old West. It’s the first book in my Venom Valley Series, and if you’re interested, you can “Like” the series Facebook Page HERE.

BUT…The main thing to remember is … It’s Breathless Press’s Birthday!

And have they got a gift for one lucky reader! Visit every blog in the hop, and locate the eighteen clues- that would be the blue letters. Create a list of each author whose blog you visit (Don’t forget to leave a comment so your visit can be verified!) and the blue letter you found on their post. Unscramble the message and send an email to olivia(dot)ventura(AT) with the decoded message, the list of participating authors, and what letter was found on which blog.

(Note: You are ONLY eligible to win if you visit & comment on ALL blogs!)

Your email makes you eligible to win a 50 BOOK LIBRARY! Fifty books of your choice from Breathless Press! That’s approximately a $150 value!

Okay, now that instructions are out of the way … scroll down to read my post. And don’t forget to look for the secret letter in BLUE.

Wicked, wicked ways are so much easier when you have a group to support you.

As part of the Story Orgy writer’s group, I write and post weekly free gay romance reads on my blog every Monday morning. Usually, these posts are parts of a longer story, and many times they tend to veer off into creepy, some might say outright frightening, directions.

I’m never sure if I’ve gone too far. Is it too much for a character to move into a new house only to discover that a most violent and horrible murder took place there years before? And what if I took it a step further? What if this new owner discovered that the spirit of that victim lingers in the house and communicates with him by leaving messages on the upstairs mirror? Is that going too far?

Apparently not, according to the members of my Story Orgy group. They encouraged me each week with comments and feedback on my novella, “Wicked Reflection,” available in the collection Word Play, Story Orgy: Volume 1, released by Breathless Press and available for purchase HERE.

My flash fiction story, “The Sum of His Parts,” will materialize in the Breathless Press collection Freaky Flashes, available for download on October 31, naturally. The Story Orgy group gave me some really good feedback on that quickie read, and I think you’re really going to enjoy every bit and piece of it.

I’d like to give a shout out of thanks to the Story Orgy group: Lee Brazil, Havan Fellows, Em Woods, JR Boyd, and Jade Baiser, as well as a big thanks to Breathless Press for putting our words into print. Happy Birthday, Breathless Press, here’s to many more years of sexy, sultry stories.

Did you find a blue letter here on my blog post? Be sure to make a note of it and leave a comment for a chance to win not only a copy of my paranormal e-book Bounty, but the grand prize of a 50 book library!

Hop on over to the other blog hop participants and look for the blue letters to spell out the secret message. Don’t forget to leave comments on each blog for a chance to win each blog participant’s prize as well as qualify for the Grand Prize! Good Luck!

Breathless Press Scavenger Hunt Birthday Blog Hop Participating Authors:

DC Juris      Gayl Taylor      Em Woods      Havan Fellows      Leona Bushman      LB Shire      JR Boyd

Dianne Hartsock      Lee Brazil      Carrie Pulkinen Korts      Raven McAllan      SJ Thomas      Yazmin Subha

Kiru Taye      Doris O’Connor      Jamieson Wolf      Story Orgy Blog      Breathless Press Blog

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22 Responses to Breathless Press Scavenger Hunt Birthday Blog Hop

  1. Emily W. says:

    Thanks a bunch for participating, I love your Fluffer series!


  2. Christy T says:

    Happy Birthday BP! Keep up the great work Hank 🙂


  3. Sarah S says:

    Love finding new authors great hop 😀

    Sarah S


  4. Ann Q says:

    It is great to come across another author whose work I will be interested in reading. I is interesting to read romance books written from the male perspective.

  5. Very interesting story concept.

  6. Mel Bourn says:

    I have finding so many new to me authors! I haven’t read these stories yet. I need to.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  7. This is such an awesome idea! I’m wandering through the hunt and loving every minute of it!

  8. WOW, finding so many new books for me Thanks!

  9. Suze says:

    Always read your SO posts. Am visiting all the blogs but can only post on some and yours is one I can (obviously!)

  10. Susan W. says:

    Hi, Hank! I’m glad to be hopping through because I get to find new to me authors! Definitely found some books to check out! Thanks for being part of the hop!


  11. Manda Kooks says:

    Boing. Hop Bounce. Happy Birthday. Wishing you many many sales. Never read a male erotica author before!

  12. Julianne says:

    Happy Birthday Breathless Press!!! I’ve read a few books by BP and I’ve really liked them.
    I haven’t read any of your books Hank, but I’m looking forward to learning more about your work.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  13. Jenny Steel says:

    *pokes Hank* 😀

    You’ve been hopped sir! You are also on my to read list lol



  14. elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday BP from

  15. Suzanne says:

    New author, new books- your story orgy sounds like fun. Glad your are participating, but I will get anyway:) Thanks for being in the blog,you sound like a lot of fun.

  16. Yvette says:

    Happy Birthday BP! Love your book.

  17. Linda Kage says:

    Happy Birthday, BP! Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Trix says:

    I love the Breathless Press and Story Orgy stories I’ve read…I’ve been looking forward to this hop for ages!


  19. Ivy Bateman says:

    Hello Hank!

    Nice to meet you! I’m a BP writer who missed the BP Birthday Blog Hop boat…but I’m still participating! Actually I’m involved to the point of distraction…I’ve work to do and a child who may need my attention at some point…but hopping along I go!!

    Happy Friday!
    Ivy B

  20. Tracey D says:

    Hi, Hank.

    I enjoyed reading the post; it was quite interesting. Bounty sounds like a book right up my alley. I’m adding it to my must have list.

    Happy Birthday Breathless Press!

    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  21. Tami B says:

    Love your “Holed Up” series.

    Tami B.

  22. Missy says:

    I hopped on you blog