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Carnal Cruise Excerpt

Ten minutes before noon Charlie stepped into the familiar outer office of Fluffers, Inc. and smiled at Bernice where she sat behind the front desk. “Well, there’s our very own Mark Spitz!” Bernice said with a wink. “And how are you, young man? Did you finally dry out from your dip the pool last night?” Charlie grinned. “Yeah. And I’m much better than last night, thank you.” Bernice raised her eyebrows. “Really? Well, well, well. … Continue reading

Destiny’s Bastard Excerpt

Following a hearty dinner shared with the other members of the Royal Guard, Gerard and several of his brother knights donned cloaks against the chill night air and walked to the alehouse in the village outside the castle walls. The low-ceilinged room was heavy with smoke from the fire in the hearth and a number of pipes enjoyed by the men laughing and  shouting for more ale. The knights pushed a number of men off … Continue reading

Fluffers Excerpt

“You the fluffer?” a deep voice asked and Charlie jumped. He had been so absorbed in the couple being filmed he had failed to notice the man sitting in a chaise to his left. The sun was behind the man and spiked directly into Charlie’s eyes. “Uh, yeah,” Charlie stammered, squinting in the glare. “Are you a member of the crew?” He stepped forward and shaded his eyes. “In a manner of speaking,” the man … Continue reading

Holed Up Excerpt

They stepped outside into the cold wind, and Mark asked, “Now where? You just said your car’s blocked in.” “I’m thinking on my feet here, okay? Just go with it.” They made their way down the street to an intersection. A bus pulled up, hissing to a stop before them to deposit a group of senior citizens, as down the block a construction worker started up a jackhammer. Something small and sharp stung the back … Continue reading

Plus Ones Excerpt

Alden smiled at Evan. “We’ll find you a catch some day, Evs. It doesn’t have to be Bill, but give him a chance, you never know.” Evan shrugged. “Yeah, you never know.” “You could meet someone in the next five minutes, or the next five days,” Alden said. “If this vote goes our way there are going to be an abundance of weddings and receptions to attend in the coming months, and you’re friends with … Continue reading

Vancouver Nights Excerpt

“Can you all give us a moment, please?” Kinitia said and the room cleared out in a flash. She waved Charlie to a sofa and sat beside him, then picked up a remote and aimed it at the cable box. She went through the DVR menu to select a news item at the top of the list. A TV news spot came on showing a handsome young male reporter standing outside a large, low building. … Continue reading

Cowboys & Vampires – Venom Valley Book One

In the small frontier town of Belkin’s Pass, Josh Stanton’s past has kept him from being accepted by everyone else. Raised by the local school teacher after his mother vanished one dark night, Josh has made only one true friend the fifteen years he’s lived there: Dexter Wells. A sudden tragedy, however, brings surprising revelations and makes Josh a wanted man. He panics and flees on horseback into the unforgiving plains of Venom Valley to avoid a hanging and try to understand the power that burns within him. Pursued by Dex, now a town deputy, the two soon realize their friendship has deepened over the years into love and vow to stay together.

Meanwhile, in a saloon in Belkin’s Pass, a centuries old vampire, Balthazar, visits the girls who work there, turning them and their customers into vampires. Glory, a half-white, half-Native American saloon girl, is able to resist Balthazar’s hypnosis and vows to stop him from expanding his army of the undead.

Can Josh, Dex, and Glory come together to fight Balthazar and protect the future of Belkin’s Pass?

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Plus Ones

Courtesy of Loose, Id

Each time Paul and Evan meet at another friend’s same-sex wedding, they’re interested…but the timing is always wrong because one of them is involved with someone new. They try to make do by falling in and out of the beds of several different men as they search for their own Mr. Right, and along the way, they learn new skills, like the secrets to Tantric sex, or the moves required to succeed at lube wrestling.

Yet all through the hot summer months, they flirt and eye each other by the buffet tables and open bars of reception halls crowded with men, even though they never get a chance to take their relationship to the next level. When the summer draws to a close and their two best friends are about to marry, the stars might finally align for Paul and Evan. They might just get to be each others’ forever ‘plus one’.

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Destiny’s Bastard

Courtesy of Loose, Id

Sir Gerard Fogg, knight in the Royal Guard of the kingdom of Algonwick, is in love with the King’s only son, Prince Tristan Fysher. The two men carry on a secret, sexual affair and proclaim their undying love for one another, only to have it torn apart by an intruder from the future. A white supremacist named Malcolm, stumbling on a time portal between 2006 and their time of 1456, murders Tristan and escapes to the future.

Sentenced to death for failing to protect the Prince, Gerard is freed by the King’s advisor, Ranulf Godfrey, the one man who knows where to find the murdering Malcolm. The two men travel through time to 2006 to discover the castle they love in ruins and a handsome young researcher named Jon Calder cataloging the artifacts of Algonwick’s forgotten age. Jon, who has never felt as though he fit in anywhere except the ruins of this castle, is the vessel within which resides the soul of the murdered Prince. As Gerard and Jon embark on a journey of sexual discovery more than 500 years in the making, the murderous Malcolm circles ever closer.

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Holed Up

Courtesy of Loose, Id

FBI Special Agent Aaron Pearce, tall, muscular, a lone wolf with an attitude, is assigned to protect Mark Beecher, a witness to the plans for a terrorist attack. The discovery of an unknown informant within the FBI’s ranks, however, forces the two men to hole up in a loft apartment with only one another for company.

After long conversations and their shared attempt to unravel the puzzle of the terrorist group’s next target, Pearce and Mark find they cannot deny their mutual attraction. Pearce gives in to his passion, sleeping with the man he’s sworn to protect and going against his training as he risks heartbreak once again.

When the informant reveals himself to Pearce and takes him hostage, Mark finds he cannot run and leave Pearce to die. Instead, their roles have been reversed and now he is the only person who can save Special Agent Pearce.

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Courtesy of Lethe Press

Charlie Heggensford, good looking, polite, and naturally clumsy, walks into the Los Angeles office of Fluffers, Inc. and things will never be the same. Fresh off a farm in Idaho, Charlie joins the crew of fluffers who are dispatched to the sets of porn movies and begins sucking up to a wide range of mostly gorgeous, sometimes oddball, actors and directors. Watched over by Kinitia Jones, the owner of Fluffers, Inc., and teaming up with fellow fluffers Ken Carlton and Billy Ransom, Charlie begins a funny, sex filled journey through the world of gay porn.

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A Carnal Cruise

Courtesy of Lethe Press

Charlie Heggensford, the Idaho farm boy turned L.A. fluffer for hire, is back, and this time, Charlie and the rest of the gang from Fluffers, Inc. are hitting the high seas. Hired to provide fluffing service on a cruise ship filled with gay porn stars, Charlie soon discovers he is no less clumsy on sea than dry land as he continues to over stimulate his clients. While he works to master the art of his profession, Charlie meets up with a host of new, fetish-sporting men including a glamorous drag queen with more than one surprise hidden beneath his skirts, a pair of hunky Latin twin brothers who bring new meaning to the term brotherly love, a hot masseuse with a mysterious past, and a ship’s doctor who harbors some surprises of his own.

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Vancouver Nights

Courtesy of Lethe Press

Charlie Heggensford, the Idaho farm boy turned L.A. fluffer for hire, is back for a third adventure, and this time he’s in deep water with the local film studios after an off-the-cuff comment ignites a porn actor strike! Worried for Charlie’s safety, his boss, Kinitia Jones, encourages him to go on an extended vacation somewhere far out of town. With no money and hot stud Rock Harding still on tour in Europe, Charlie turns to the other man he trusts: beefy bear Brent Harrington, who now owns a pet store in Vancouver.

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