A Hot Piece of… Art, Chapter 7

Good Memorial Day morning! Before we get to the announcements and story, I’d like to request that you please take a moment out of your day, amid the barbeques and lawn party games, to give thanks to a veteran who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

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This week I’m writing a hook up, and the prompt we all shared is: There’s an envelope with a set of instructions.

Ready to see what kind of trouble Charlie can get into in just 250 words? Let’s go!

A Hot Piece of … Art

Chapter Seven

Hank Edwards

(c) 2012

Charlie awoke to the sound of a woman shrieking. He was disoriented at first, then he remembered the art studio and sat up on his futon to look around. Rafael Fothergill was on her knees before another empty spot on the wall, hands fisted in her blonde dreadlocks, mouth opened wide in a scream of agony.

“What the fucking hell is that?” Billy shouted, sitting up on his own futon and rubbing his eyes. “Is that the new tsunami alarm?”

“It’s Rafael Fothergill,” Charlie called back. “Looks like another painting has been stolen.”

“It wasn’t me!” Billy shouted. “Check the video!”

The studio owner pushed into the studio and Rafael stopped screaming. She shifted, instead, into shouted demands. She wanted justice. She wanted blood. She wanted her insurance money.

Charlie laid down and rolled over. Something crinkled beneath him and he pulled an envelope from beneath his hip.

A sheet of paper lay folded inside, with brief, typed instructions.

To retrieve the artwork, place one million dollars in unmarked bills inside a duffel bag and leave it behind the Dumpster out back. No cops.

Charlie looked around. Why would the thief give a ransom note to him? And where was he supposed to come up with one million dollars when he couldn’t even pay his cable TV bill?

Then he saw the name written on the front, Rafael Fothergill, and he cleared his throat before saying in a shaky voice, “Um, I may have found a clue up here.”

~~ * ~~

Wow, Charlie’s all up in this mystery. Too bad he doesn’t know who the thief is! Be sure to come back next week and see what more trouble Charlie and Billy can get into. Until then, enjoy your Memorial Day holiday, and I hope the coming summer is good to you. Use your sunblock and stay hydrated. Now, let’s jump on over to the other Story Orgy blogs for more hot, smexy reads. Ready? Here we go!

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5 Responses to A Hot Piece of… Art, Chapter 7

  1. Sharon S says:

    Poor Charlie! I love a mystery. Can’t wait to read what happens next.


  2. Lee Brazil says:

    Wow! Charlie must be a really deep sleeper! I was starting to think RF was the thief….guess I’ll have to ponder it some more, huh?

  3. Oh, ho…the plot thickens… 🙂

  4. Havan Fellows says:

    Oh poor Charlie…trouble follows him…<3 him so much though! 🙂

    Hope the cops don't try to blame him!

  5. jade baiser says:

    oh God, the mystery is thicker by the minute!! who’s stealing? I hope Charlie won’t have any problem…