A Hot Piece of … Art, Chapter 5

Good Monday morning! I hope all your mothers out there had a lovely, enjoyable Mother’s Day.  And all you non-mother mothers (you know who I mean!), I hope you were kind to your mothers!

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Jade Baiser did a fine job snapping us a sexy pic, as usual.

This week I actually stuck with the guidelines and wrote a 250 word hook up. Don’t worry, even in that number of words, Charlie still manages to get in trouble!

The prompt this week is: There is music playing in the background.

Are you ready to check back into the art studio and see how Charlie’s doing, and maybe find out if Billy’s still under arrest for stealing Rafael’s painting? Here we go!

A Hot Piece of … Art

Chapter Five

Hank Edwards

(c) 2012

Charlie had just finished his sixth sexual encounter when Billy stomped through the studio’s front door wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. The music playing in the background perfectly matched Billy’s steps as he strode to his platform’s ladder, unzipping the jumpsuit.

“Billy!” Charlie shouted. “You’re free!”

Billy shrugged out of the jumpsuit and it tangled around his ankles, tripping him up. He fell onto the mats around the bottom of his platform, rolled onto his back, and lifted his legs. A group of elderly art community women calmly took in the view of his anus as they sipped white wine. Billy called out, “A little help, please?”

Charlie scrambled down his ladder and tugged at the jumpsuit. Billy sighed and whimpered until his feet finally pulled free.

“What happened?” Charlie asked, helping him up.

“They tried to blame the theft on me, but Sven’s put cameras on this half of the studio to watch us.” Billy pointed at the ceiling. “There’s video of the lower half of the thief as he steals the painting, but they can’t see enough to be able to tell who it is.” He climbed up to his platform and looked down at Charlie. “One thing I know, though. Whoever did it cased the place first because they saw me eating cheese curls earlier and tried to pin it on me.”

Charlie headed back to his platform, his mind worrying over this new development. Who would try to frame Billy for the art theft?

~~ * ~~

Quite the interesting mystery Charlie and Billy are involved in. I wonder who really stole the painting, and why? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Be sure to come back next week for another round of fucking fun (yeah, I said it!) with Charlie and Billy. Until then, jump on over to the other Story Orgy blogs for more hot, smexy reads.

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3 Responses to A Hot Piece of … Art, Chapter 5

  1. I would have dropped the wine glass to help Billy, myself. Missed opportunity, ladies! 😉

  2. Lee Brazil says:

    Yeah. Who would do such a thing?

  3. jade baiser says:

    I knew it would have some mystery!! That is so you… So, who’s framing poor Billy? (oh and I have to admit that I would have loved to be with those women… You know, the ones who were looking at Billy’s ass… haha)