A Hot Piece of … Art, Chapter 3

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Our photo this week was discovered by the lovely and seductive Jade Baiser. Whew! Talk about lovely and seductive, eh?

This week’s prompt: I stand between quiet and silence. I was supposed to write a hook up, but darned if Charlie didn’t have more trouble to get into than could be told in 250 words. So, enjoy the longer post!

Okay, ready? Here we go…

A Hot Piece of … Art

Chapter Three

Hank Edwards

(c) 2012

 “Run that by me again,” Rock said. He sat in a massage chair in the Toned and Tanned Spa, Charlie standing in the aisle before him. Rock’s feet soaked in a tub of water where tiny fish nibbled off the dry skin, and a young Asian woman was giving him a manicure.

“I’m going to live in the art museum for a week and get paid $2,000.” Charlie shifted his weight and crossed his arms, trying to look at ease while standing and watching Rock be pampered. He had called Rock after his meeting with Sven, excited to tell him about the chance to earn some good money. But now, after finding him here at the salon, Charlie was nervous to explain the details and he didn’t know why.

Rock rolled his eyes and tipped his head toward the empty massage seat next to him. “For God’s sake, Charlie, sit down. You’re making Ai and me uncomfortable hovering back there.”

“Oh, I can’t afford to have this done,” Charlie said as a blush crawled up his neck. “I’ll just go outside and get a smoothie and sit on the curb.”

“Stop!” Rock said, freezing Charlie in his tracks. “Sit down. It’s my treat.”

Charlie shook his head. “You always treat.”

“Because I like you,” Rock said with a nod. “You mean a lot to me and I like making you happy. Now sit your ass down in that chair and chill the fuck out.”

The quick grin that followed Rock’s statement let Charlie know he was joking. He kicked off his flip flops and sat in the chair, sinking into the soft naugahyde. A sigh slipped from his lips as his eyes drifted shut.

“It’s so soft,” he whispered.

“The better to relax you,” Rock whispered back. “Ai, could you start up Charlie’s chair? And see if you can squeeze him in for the fish treatment, would you?”

“Ah, sure Mr. Rock,” Ai said. “Sure, sure. I think Missy is free.”

“Fish treatment?” Charlie asked.

Rock lifted his feet out of the tub. “Tiny fish that nibble off the dead skin. Your feet will be amazingly smooth afterwards.” He leaned closer and whispered, “I will suck every one of your toes later.”

Before Charlie could respond, Ai crouched beside his chair and flipped a switch. The chair began to vibrate beneath Charlie and his muscles relaxed instantly. A roller low in the back of the chair moved up and down his spine, and then a roller beneath his ass slid front to back, pressing on his anus, perineum, and balls.

“Oh!” Charlie said with a gasp.

Rock smiled at him. “Like that?”

Charlie looked at him, eyes wide. “Oh, yeah.”

Rock laughed. “I thought you might. So tell me more about this art project. You’re just going to live there for a week and this artist is going to pay you all that money?”

“Well, there are conditions.” Charlie cleared his throat and shifted position in the chair, placing his balls squarely over the roller that had now begun to vibrate. It sent sensations bordering on orgasm zipping through him.

“Conditions? What kinds of conditions?”

Charlie had to wait until the bar stopped vibrating to be able to speak. “I’ll be nude.”

Rock raised his eyebrows. “Nude?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded. “And I’m expected to have sex with a number of men at various times during that one week period.”

Rock’s eyebrows shot up higher and Ai looked up at him as another girl, a blonde wearing a name tag that read Missy, settled Charlie’s feet into a tub of tiny fish similar to Rock’s.

“You’re a porn star now?” Rock asked.

“What? No! You’re the porn star.” Charlie heard how loud he was and looked around quickly. Ai and Missy exchanged looks, then dropped their gazes back to their work, giggling. Charlie lowered his voice as he said, “I’m just doing some kind of kinky art project for this guy. Get this, he has black hair, a blond beard, and wears expensive three piece suits. And high heels.”

“Yeah?” Rock smirked. “Sounds like he’d fit right in with a lot of my directors.”

The fish nibbling on his feet tickled, and Charlie was trying to hold it together. But about that time the vibrating bars started to migrate again, simultaneously relaxing and exciting him, and he had to close his eyes.

“Hello?” Rock said.

Charlie opened his eyes. His cock was hard and his balls and asshole tingled from the vibrating chair. He pushed himself more upright in the chair and cleared his throat. “Sorry. I lost my train of thought.”

“Yeah, I bet.” Rock leaned closer and lowered his voice. “Thinking about all those hot guys you’re going to be fucking next week?”

“No!” Charlie heard how loud he was and closed his eyes to try and find the words to explain to Rock why he had taken this odd job as a work of art. The chair bumped up the vibrations what felt like another six notches and Charlie moaned. “Oh, God. This chair is… Wow. I mean. I’m getting kind of, you know, close here.” He slid down low in the chair, his feet skidding in the tub, splashing water up over the sides and onto the floor. It drenched Missy’s lap and legs and stranded a number of the tiny fish on the tiles where they flopped and gasped. Charlie realized what he had done, but he he couldn’t form the words to apologize. All he could do was lay flat on his back in the chair, feet in the tub, hands hanging over the sides.

“I’m sorry,” Charlie finally whispered as Missy scooped up the last of the flopping fish and dropped it back into the tub. “This chair just … kicked my ass.”

Missy looked around. Ai had gone to fetch a mop, leaving her alone with Charlie and Rock. She leaned down between them, looked from one to the other, and said with a small smile, “Sometimes I stay late after every one else has gone home and I sit in that chair for an hour. I call it Hugh.”

Charlie blinked up at her. “As in Jackman?”

“Or Hefner?” Rock added.

Missy shook her head. “Grant. He’s a dream.”

Charlie peeked at Rock over the arm of Hugh the Chair. “I think I’m ready to go.”

“Yeah, me too.” Rock dried his feet, stepped into his flip flops, and walked up to the register to pay their bill while Charlie struggled out of Hugh’s comfortable cushions.

“Bye,” Missy called as they left the salon. “Come again!”

Charlie and Rock wandered down the street toward the Santa Monica pier as the sun eased down toward the ocean.

“Want to spend the night at my place?” Rock asked.

Charlie smiled and leaned into him. “Yeah, I would.”

A man wearing a denim jumpsuit, black fairy wings, and a shiny black top hat walked up and extended a postcard to them. “I stand between quiet and silence.”

Rock took a protective step in front of Charlie, his hand dropping to rest on Charlie’s hip as he stared in the stranger’s face. “Yeah? Do it somewhere else.”

“Dude, chill the fuck out—” The stranger started, then stopped and his eyes widened to comic proportions. “Hey! You’re Rock Harding!” The stranger jumped in the air and spun in a full circle before his black Doc Martens touched the pavement again. “I fucking love your movies, man!” He unzipped his denim jumpsuit to expose a lean, hairy chest. The long, pale length of his cock flopped out of the open zipper. “Can I get your autograph?”

“Hey, dude, tuck the snake back inside your zoot suit,” Rock said in an urgent whisper. “This is a family area.”

“Right, gotcha,” the man said. He eased his dick down the leg of his jumpsuit and tugged the zipper up. “Sorry. Just got carried away. I thought it would be cool to have your John Hancock on my… well, on my cock.” He snorted a laugh. “Get it?”

Rock sighed. “Yeah, I got it.” Rock looked back at Charlie. “Do you mind?”

Charlie smiled and reached down to squeeze his hand. “No, of course not.”

Rock winked at him before turning back to his oddly dressed fan. “I don’t have a pen or paper. Do you have something?”

“Oh, yeah, totally.” He handed Rock one of the postcards and a Sharpie, swaying back and forth before them with excitement, his fairy wings waving with the movement. “Dude, seriously, you are, like, the hottest actor in gay porn, like, ever.”

“Thanks, uh… What’s your name?” Rock asked, pen poised over the postcard.

“Oh, yeah, sorry. Name’s Rusty Buckle.”

As Rock scribbled the autograph, Charlie reached out to take one of Rusty’s postcards, feeling a cool jolt of surprise when he read the words printed over artistic black and white swaths.


Charlie held up the postcard and asked Rusty, “Do you know anything about this art show?”

Rusty glanced at him, eyes glassy and smile wide with celebrity shock. “Huh? Oh, that? No man, no way. I’m just getting paid for how many cards I hand out. Dude told me to say that hokey line each time I handed one out.” He took back the card Rock had signed and slipped it inside the zipper of his denim jumpsuit. “This one’s totally worth the two cents it’s gonna cost me. And I’m keeping it right here pressed against my heart the rest of the night.”

“This is so strange,” Charlie said, and showed the card to Rock, who glanced quickly at it. “This is the art studio where I’m going to be working next week. I guess they’re doing two shows there.”

“Yeah, that is weird,” Rock said, then reached out to grab Charlie’s hand and smiled at Rusty. “Okay, well, great to meet you, Rusty. Thanks for being a fan. We gotta go.”

“Yeah, okay,” Rusty said and turned to watch them walk off, the orange of the sunset setting his top hat and fairy wings aflame.

“Screw ball,” Rock muttered.

“Stop,” Charlie said, squeezing his hand. “People like him are the reason your movies are still the top sellers on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Internet downloads.”

“And the top pirated movies,” Rock grumbled.

“Hey.” Charlie stopped short, keeping hold of Rock’s hand to make him turn to look back at him. “What’s got you down in the grumps?”

The corner of Rock’s mouth turned up and he closed his eyes. “Down in the grumps?” Rock shook his head and opened his eyes again, giving Charlie a full on smile that made him weak in the knees. “Where do you come up with these sayings, Farm Boy?”

Charlie shrugged. “Back home. My grandmother says that one all the time.” He gave Rock’s hand a shake. “Come on, what’s got you so down?”

Rock surprised him by leaning down to give him a quick, soft kiss on the mouth. “Nothing. I’m just happy to be here with you. Come on, let’s go home. I want to find out how soft that treatment left your feet.”

Still holding hands, Charlie walked down the sidewalk in silence beside Rock, simultaneously content and unsettled.

Something was troubling Rock, but what was it?

~~ * ~~

Hmm, I wonder what’s up with Rock Harding? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Be sure to come back next week for another round of fun and fucking (yeah, I said it!) with Charlie and Billy. Until then, jump on over to the other Story Orgy blogs for more hot, smexy reads.

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  1. Sharon S says:

    So Charlie’s really gonna do it? Oh boy. And that chair??! The ones I sit in when I get a pedicure NEVER make me feel like that. LOL. Oh and the fish….so not happening.

    Great post, Hank!

  2. Lee Brazil says:

    Why can I not picture Charlie standing between quiet and silence? lol
    That fish thing- every time I hear of it, it creeps me out.

    Great post, Hank. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. I’m beginning to think Rock has caught that terrible bug that begins with ‘L’. I don’t think he likes the sound of this art project one bit. 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    Looking forward to next week. I love Charlie! Thanks Hank.

  5. jade baiser says:

    yes….what is it???
    And I think Charlie is going to have a big surprise with this “art” thing!!
    Love the post! as always <3