Monthly Archives: June 2014

Repossession Excerpt

I step out onto the driveway, my feet clumsy with caked-on mud, and try not to slip as I walk to the car. It is a beauty—a new model Mustang, fire engine red, gleaming black tires. My stomach lurches as I suddenly realize I will have to sit in this spotless car in my rain-soaked, mud-splattered clothing when I drive it away from its owner, who is six months behind on his payments. Nervous at … Continue reading

Blood Stone Excerpt

“Come outside, Joshua Stanton.” The voice was quiet, its low timbre promising release and an end to Josh’s exhausted struggle. “Open the door and step onto the porch. Let me kiss you, taste your blood, compare yours to that of your man’s.” Josh shuddered awake and staggered to his feet, his hands tight on the barrel of the musket. His eyes were gritty from sleep and he couldn’t focus on where he was for a … Continue reading