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Story Orgy Monday – January 13, 2014

Good Monday morning, Orgiasts! Let’s hope it stays a little warmer this week than last, eh? Here’s a little something to help put some sizzle into your morning routine. Today I’m continuing the story I started last week, but from another character’s point of view. Once the title pops out at me I’ll start posting it, but looks like this might be a longer story than I first thought. Ready? This week’s prompt is: If … Continue reading


Story Orgy Monday – Reunion – The Return of the Story Orgy (NSFW)

Good Monday morning Orgiasts! Did you all have a good 2013? Your Story Orgy writers missed the weekly prompt challenge so much we decided to get back to it for the new year. It’s been a long time for all of us, but let’s jump right into it, shall we? Today’s prompt is very appropriate for the first post in a year: He hadn’t seen him in a year. Are you ready to go? I … Continue reading