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Cowboys Vampires Excerpt

The grief and loss sitting heavy in his chest ripened into self-pity, and Josh decided he had done enough thinking for one day. He used an old broomstick to beat the spiders and mice from the thin mattress of the tall, heavy wooden bed set off in the corner. Keeping the rifle by his side, Josh lay down, blew out the candle, and closed his eyes. He shifted position several times, trying to find a … Continue reading

Roughed Up Excerpt

The breeze off the ocean was warm and smelled of brine and fish and fading sunlight. Pearce couldn’t recall a time when he’d been this relaxed and content. After their earlier friction, it felt good to just sit together and not talk. The afterglow of sex seemed to keep Mark and him in a cocoon apart from the other diners around them on the restaurant patio, and Pearce relished the moment. As they ate, Pearce … Continue reading